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Featured: Cafe Demitasse

Only Quality Food

Café Demitasse is an all-in-one place of mouthwatering delights and luscious dining experience.

Indulge yourself with delectable recipes perfectly made for your picky taste palates. Whipped up fruity, healthy smoothies to quench your thirst in seconds.

Vendor of the Month

PPE Trends

PPE Trends is an online shop established from the first-hand experience with clients’ frustrations at facing demands for PPE during this COVID19 pandemic. Our goal is to provide opportunities to people in Davao City to produce PPE for frontlines and casual workers.

Our product ranges from casualwear protection PPE for all, PPE full protection for tools, and workwear PPE – all of which we seek and hand-select from industry leaders and those who are tried and tested in the industry. Formidable partners for PPE protection that delivers – lowering risks, bolstering safety.